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About the agency

ACRA Europe is part of ACRA Group, which provides high-quality rating and non-rating services through various affiliated entities that operate with regard to global rating industry best practices, ensured by Board of Directors and Senior Management with extensive professional experience in the rating industry.

-       Analytical Credit Rating Agency (Joint Stock Company), ACRA (JSC)- was founded in 2015, with its 27 shareholders representing major Russian corporate and financial institutions and now holds a leading position in the Russian market. ACRA assigns national and international scale credit ratings that are widely recognized and used by domestic and international investors. The clients are financial institutions, corporate entities, regional and municipal authorities of the Russian Federation.

-       ACRA Europe a.s. (subsidiary of ACRA (JSC)) has been operating in the rating market since 2001, and it possesses a complete range of licenses required to provide rating services in EU. In July 2012, ACRA Europe became an EU registered credit rating agency, therefore it is authorized to assign credit ratings for regulatory purposes.

-       ACRA RM (subsidiary of ACRA (JSC)) The aim of setting up the subsidiary was to distinguish non-rating services from the rating services offered by ACRA and ACRA Europe in accordance with the best international. The company offers validation, modelling, stress testing, structured finance services, and analytics and research across all sectors and segments of the economy

-       Branch of ACRA in the AIFC (Astana International Finance Centre), Kazakhstan  

ACRA Group is fully equipped with methodologies for assigning ratings to a wide range of rated entities and instruments within the financial, corporate or public sectors, that allows to assign ratings based on either expected loss (EL) or probability of default (PD). All methodologies and rating models are tested using multiple-stage validation, ensure comparability of all assessments and transparency of assessment algorithms while retaining the ability to account for expert opinions.

ACRA Group is actively developing international cooperation: in 2017 ACRA signed a memorandum of cooperation with the Chinese credit rating agency Golden Credit Rating International and in 2018 with the second largest rating agency in India- CARE Ratings. According to the memorandums, the agencies will conduct joint analytical work, develop technological and informational cooperation, and pursue mutual acknowledgement by regulators.